Wordless Wednesday Outdoor Wednesday Just Ducky

All photos taken at Lloyd Lake and the San Francisco zoo.

I am participating in Wordless Wednesday


Sheryl said…
I love the idea of doing a series of animals at rest. Brilliant!

Do you know what kind of duck the first shot is of? It is beautiful.
Hi Sheryl, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am not sure but it could be a whistling duck. There is a whole family of them at the zoo.
Karen said…
I love ducks! Great close up shots!
Thanks, Karen, I love them too.
Looking at these photos makes me want to get out my drawing pad and pencil. Beautiful!

Here's my Wordless Wednesday/Wondrous Words Wednesday.
Deb, I would love to see one of your drawings.
LV said…
It is amazing how these ducks can twist and turn their heads. Great shots.
Thanks, LV. That always amazes me as well.
Fabulous shots of these lovely ducks.

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