Macro Monday 2 The Confident Rose

As confident as a rose
with satin soft petals
delicately swaying 
against raging winds
in awe of your flexibility

I applaud your confidence.

As strong as a rose
with lean green limbs
standing tall
against Winter storms
in praise of your strength

I salute your courage.

As.beautiful as a rose
with sweetness divine
bearing gifts
against nature's wrath
in praise of your beauty

I bow to your perfection
Inside and Out.

I am participating in Macro Monday 2


kulasa said…
Beautiful vividly colored petals....reminds me of that one sweet person in my life named Rose - my mom....I am sure she will love to see those beautifully captured flowers :)
rainfield61 said…
It is confident because of its beauty.
Ah, Rainfield you are so wise and confident :)

Kulasa, Your Mom is truly special. Thanks for your kind words.
Bee Girl said…
Such rich and warm colors! The petals look so incredibly soft! Gorgeous!
Gunilla Bäck said…
Gorgeous roses and a beautiful poem.
Susie Clevenger said…
Beautiful rose photos and words to go with them.
Mary said…
Your rose is really a beauty!
Laura said…
Beautiful photos and poetry!
Icy BC said…
Fantastic poem for such a beautiful rose, Jo!
RNSANE said…
Such a beautiful accolade to the rose...and your photos are beautiful as well, Jo.

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