The Dahlia Garden Golden Gate Park Floral Friday Fotos

Photos taken at the Dahlia Garden in Golden Gate Park

I am participating in Floral Friday Fotos


Birgitta said…
Wow! Stunning beautiful flower photos!
Lovely Dahlias. Thank you for your nice comment. :-) Have a good evening.
Jennay said…
Love your entries! Stunning flowers!
Jama said…
Stunning photography!
Ratty said…
I like them all, but that first picture is really stunning. I think I could only get a picture like that in my fantasies.
Gorgeous dahlias! One of my favorite flowers.
Such beautiful dahlia flower photos. They are so amazing. There is a dahlia garden in Volunteer Park in Seattle and I was just there, admiring.
girl friday said…
What perfection!
I have to go on night patrol every evening to protect my very few Dahlia flowers from the earwigs and other night crawlers. And I am losing the battle already.

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