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perfection yet seen by Joanne Olivieri

perfection yet seeninsignificant am Imy beauty astounds
Photo and haiku by Joanne Olivieri.

Earthquake by Joanne Olivieri

Mother Nature's fingerspierce the earth's crust...fault lines 
Haiku and photo by Joanne Olivieri.

Midsummers dream by Joanne Olivieri

Midsummers dreamfantasiesin high definition
Haiku and photo by Joanne Olivieri

Cotton Candy by Joanne Olivieri

cumulus cloudspattern the sky...Cotton candy
Photos and haiku by Joanne Olivieri.

Tree Commune by Joanne Olivieri

diverse specieshugging limbstree commune
Photo and haiku by Joanne Olivieri

Summer Rains by Joanne Olivieri

cascade of sea tearsescape high tideSummer rains...
Haiku and photo by Joanne Olivieri

Just Before Waking by Joanne Olivieri

Just Before WakingPoetry & Photo by Joanne Olivieri
Your lullabycaressed the sound wavesof his inherent desire to acquiesce to the cliffhanger of his nocturnal episode and debut in the finaleof his dream.
He is descendinginto the incoherentrealm of euphoria.Apprehensive of his destinyHe will awaken.

Rocks by Joanne Olivieri

rocksrest upon the shoreseaside sands of time
Photo and haiku by Joanne Olivieriphoto taken at ocean beach in San Francisco.

Meditations by Joanne Olivieri

meditations...darkness unfoldsinto the light
Photo and haiku by Joanne Olivieri. Photo taken at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

Spiritual Nourishment by Joanne Olivieri

Prince Of Peace
The dove of peace unfolds his wings.     angel hair entwines heartstrings.As spirits chant, a minstrel sings,     the choral melody of kings.
Due North a star, lights the wayTo Prince of Peace, where He lay.
                   A child                    So Mild
A Savior born on Christmas day.

On thy lips, fruit of the vineshall evoke a taste of shameMartyred bloodshed cup of wine     invisible in His name.
Thy wrath befell upon the sightOf devils chance to winged flight

Listen to the Quiet by Joanne Olivieri

Listen To The Quiet
The hush of falling snowthe breath of stormy seasbIrds frolicking on the meadowforest parade of gallant trees.
Honeysuckly sweet on the vinehummingbirds morning callwith nectar a rose blush winefrom Spring, through Summer and Fall.
A windward breeze blows Eastthe sun slumbers on the Westnatures masterpiecethe day is done, now rest.
The night devoid of sunlightcaress the moon and starsat dusk fluorescent twilightguide seafarers from afar.
Listen to the quiethear the silent peacewhisper in the momentour spirit to be set free.