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Happy New Year 2014


Flowers in Winter

Photos taken in Golden Gate Park

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Lloyd Lake Reflections

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Banksia Speciosa

Photo Taken at the San Francisco Botanical Garden Banksia Speciosa or Showy Banksia  is native to Western Australia and is part of the Proteaceae family.  It is either a shrub or small tree.

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Farmyard in Winter

Farmyard in Winter by George Henry Durrie - One of my favorite artists.
Happy Holidays!!!

Piano Hollywood and Highland

Hanging piano photo taken at the Hollywood & Highland Center in Los Angeles, CA

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The Lagoon

Photos taken at the Lagoon in San Mateo, CA

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Going Back

I found the above quote on a Facebook timeline and thought it would make an interesting Thursday Two Questions subject.

I do not quite agree with this quote.  I absolutely think you can go back and start over.  Examples: Getting back with an old love and starting fresh or even going back to an old job and starting fresh.  It's all about change and moving forward.  If you are the type of person who lives in the moment then I think going back with a new perspective is really moving forward in a new direction with a fresh outlook.

My two questions this week are:

1.  What is your opinion on going back?

2.  Do you believe going back prevents you from moving forward?

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Rocky Coastline

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And Wordless Wednesday

Tiger Toys

Photo taken at the San Francisco zoo

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Winter Rosebud

Photo Taken At The San Francisco Zoo

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Barn Owl Flight

Wilbur the Barn Owl Photo taken at the San Francisco zoo.

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Autumn Blooms

All photos taken at the San Francisco zoo.

Tree Sap

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This feline critter is solitary in nature and only do the males and females come together during breeding season. The resulting litter consists of three to five kittens who typically stay with their Mother for up to twelve months before they head out on their own. Once heavily sought out for their fur, the bobcat is now protected under law and relatively safe from hunters.
Bobcats stalk and hunt their prey with a quick leap and attack method. They dine mainly on rodents and birds though can fill their appetites with rabbits, reptiles and even deer. Though by looking at the bobcat who is relatively small it is hard to imagine them eating a small deer.
Their usual habitat is forests though they do make their homes in swamps and deserts as well. At the San Francisco zoo, the bobcat has a somewhat small habitat but is built to allow the cat everything she needs to fulfill her days. This particular bobcat at the zoo does not like people being around and taking photos of her. It's stare i…

Fishnets and Heels

The Famous Legs of Haight Street
These famous legs are a tourist attraction which hang out of a second story window above a gift shop on Haight Street. They have been there for decades and attract many people to the area including photographers, tourists and gawkers alike.
I researched the internet, San Francisco history books etc... and could not find any information as to why these legs hang outside a window. So, as a result I decided to either write a poem or senryu about the legs. I had no creative words or imagination that were publishable that would inspire me to write a poem so I decided to write a senryu.
Now, what I would like to do is encourage all of you to write your own thoughts, poems, haiku etc... about these legs while leaving a comment. Also, if anyone does know the history behind these legs, please comment.
Here is my senryu:
fishnet and heels
display garrish art
legs or thighs?