This feline critter is solitary in nature and only do the males and females come together during breeding season. The resulting litter consists of three to five kittens who typically stay with their Mother for up to twelve months before they head out on their own. Once heavily sought out for their fur, the bobcat is now protected under law and relatively safe from hunters.

Bobcats stalk and hunt their prey with a quick leap and attack method. They dine mainly on rodents and birds though can fill their appetites with rabbits, reptiles and even deer. Though by looking at the bobcat who is relatively small it is hard to imagine them eating a small deer.

Their usual habitat is forests though they do make their homes in swamps and deserts as well. At the San Francisco zoo, the bobcat has a somewhat small habitat but is built to allow the cat everything she needs to fulfill her days. This particular bobcat at the zoo does not like people being around and taking photos of her. It's stare is somewhat unnerving. She is basically small and is comfortable in her habitat. Although in a roomy exhibit, she is outdoors and behind a chained fence. The picture as you can see shows a portion of the fence.

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eileeninmd said…
Awesome shot, they are cool critters. Have a happy weekend!
betchai said…
agree with you Jo, what a fierce stare, but I like it, really depicts strong emotion
DeniseinVA said…
He's a beauty and this is a great photo!
NatureFootstep said…
a beautiful wild one. They say it sometimes comes to my area but I have never seen it.

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