Fishnets and Heels

The Famous Legs of Haight Street

These famous legs are a tourist attraction which hang out of a second story window above a gift shop on Haight Street. They have been there for decades and attract many people to the area including photographers, tourists and gawkers alike.

I researched the internet, San Francisco history books etc... and could not find any information as to why these legs hang outside a window. So, as a result I decided to either write a poem or senryu about the legs. I had no creative words or imagination that were publishable that would inspire me to write a poem so I decided to write a senryu.

Now, what I would like to do is encourage all of you to write your own thoughts, poems, haiku etc... about these legs while leaving a comment. Also, if anyone does know the history behind these legs, please comment.

Here is my senryu:

fishnet and heels

display garrish art

legs or thighs?


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