Banksia Speciosa

Photo Taken at the San Francisco Botanical Garden
Banksia Speciosa or Showy Banksia  is native to Western Australia and is part of the Proteaceae family.  It is either a shrub or small tree.

I am participating in Floral Friday Fotos


bettyl-NZ said…
It's a strange but gorgeous tree. We have them here in New Zealand, too. I have always found them fascinating.
Self Sagacity said…
Gorgeous and very unique. Happy Holidays!
Birgitta said…
Unique and beautiful!
Valerie said…
I'm a fan of Banksia's - their saw-tooth leaves fascinate me, as well as the blooms themselves. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year to you.
Mary said…
Fascinating plant! I haven´t seen this before!

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