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Tenzing The Red Panda

This is Tenzing, the Red Panda who lives at the San Francisco zoo.  This is the first time I have been lucky enough to capture closeups of him.

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Magnificent Magnolias

The magnolias are in full bloom right now at the San Francisco Botanical Garden.  These photos were taken a couple of days ago.

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Purple Blooms In Darkness

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St. Cecilia Church

These photos were taken at St. Cecilia church here in San Francisco, CA, where I attended catholic school for eight years.  The church itself is gorgeous and has some beautiful architecture with stained glass windows and doors.
Photo from the inside of the church 
Same photo from the outside of the church
Stained glass windows inside
More stained glass windows
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Water Reflections

Photos taken at the San Francisco Botanical Garden in San Francisco

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