St. Cecilia Church

These photos were taken at St. Cecilia church here in San Francisco, CA, where I attended catholic school for eight years.  The church itself is gorgeous and has some beautiful architecture with stained glass windows and doors.

Photo from the inside of the church 

Same photo from the outside of the church

Stained glass windows inside

More stained glass windows

I am participating in Whimsical Windows Delirious Doors


Ratty said…
Great stuff. Churches are maybe the most beautiful Buildings in existence. I once thought of taking pictures like these of my local churches because I admire the architecture so much. I wish I would have done it.
Thanks, Ratty. I would love to see some churches and buildings from your area. You have such a talented eye for composition and color.
toby said…
What amazing detailing on that church - wow! And I'm always a sucker for stained glass windows, inside or out, so you've totally made my day :)

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