Blooming in Winter by Joanne Olivieri

photo and poem by Joanne Olivieri
Blooming In Winter
Sleep eludes meas the darkness lingersinvading my thoughtslike black ice.
The silence disturbsas the night stopsallowing the darknesslike a shroud
I yearn for morningwhen sunrise awakensand my thoughts are refreshedlike a white magnolia
Listening as you play closing my eyes your nimble fingers strumming my body in delicate precision hitting each note to perfection. I tremble, feeling your voice gently caressing my soul those melancholy eyes piercing my heart with undying love musical foreplay.
From my book Dark Linings by Joanne Olivieri

Dark Linings by Joanne Olivieri

Available now from Cajun Mutt Press, Dark Linings by Joanne Olivieri, pick up your copy on Amazon today! A dark, erotic and at times gritty collection of poetry, Joanne writes about the light and dark sides of her past in a tantalizing volume of poetry. Exploring her imagination in a living tale of life, love, and loss is the backdrop for Dark Linings.
Dark Linings by Joanne Olivieri
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perfection yet seen by Joanne Olivieri

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Photo and haiku by Joanne Olivieri.

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