Becoming Michelle Obama book review by Joanne Olivieri

Becoming by Michelle Obama is the most powerful and inspiring book I have ever read.  In my opinion, it should be a mandatory reading assignment for young people everywhere.  
Her detailed, honest and candid words make you feel as if you are experiencing her unique journey through life while walking beside her.  From her young years on the South side to the halls of Princeton and Harvard and the marble halls of the white house you experience love, heart wrenching loss, and everything in between. I found myself, smiling, laughing, crying and feeling empowered with each turn of the page.
A strong woman with deep conviction and passion for her family she was able to balance the demands of Motherhood and her obligations for the greater good as FLOTUS.  Her passion for children and her community fueled her talents to create programs which mentored and taught young people that, yes, they are good enough, to get where they wanted to be and create what they wanted in life.  She mentored and in…

Sammers Digital Art by Daginne Aignende

Daginne Aignende was a beautiful soul poet and artist who walked this earth with a gentle and caring heart.  She loved my cockatiel Sammers and created these digital art pieces of him with my photographs for me.  I will forever treasure these .  Rest with the angels my dear Daginne.

Stanzaic Stylings Pro Bono Consulting Services

Stanzaic Stylings  Pro Bono Consulting Services

Mentoring and Coaching Reading and Writing Prompts Poetry Review Self Publishing Guidance Poetry Submission Guide Inspiration and Motivation
Background: Stanzaic Stylings is the ezine version of Ya'Sou! Magazine A Celebration of Life which was a tribute to my late Mom who always supported and encouraged my writing.
I have been writing for over 50 years and have accomplished all I've wanted to accomplish with my writing including many credits, awards and books.  Now, its time for me to give back to the poetry community by offering my knowledge and experience to any poet out there who needs help with their writing. 
As a result, I have decided to launch my own "poet to poet" consulting services, pro bono, to anyone who may need help.All you need to do is email me at with your inquiries and I will respond within 24 hours.
Thank you Joanne Olivieri Founder/Editor Joanne Olivieri Website

Blooming in Winter by Joanne Olivieri

photo and poem by Joanne Olivieri
Blooming In Winter
Sleep eludes meas the darkness lingersinvading my thoughtslike black ice.
The silence disturbsas the night stopsallowing the darknesslike a shroud
I yearn for morningwhen sunrise awakensand my thoughts are refreshedlike a white magnolia
Listening as you play closing my eyes your nimble fingers strumming my body in delicate precision hitting each note to perfection. I tremble, feeling your voice gently caressing my soul those melancholy eyes piercing my heart with undying love musical foreplay.
From my book Dark Linings by Joanne Olivieri

Dark Linings by Joanne Olivieri

Available now from Cajun Mutt Press, Dark Linings by Joanne Olivieri, pick up your copy on Amazon today!
A dark, erotic and at times gritty collection of poetry, Joanne writes about the light and dark sides of her past in a tantalizing volume of poetry. Exploring her imagination in a living tale of life, love, and loss is the backdrop for Dark Linings.
Dark Linings by Joanne Olivieri
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Review by:  Lynn Long 12/26/2018

A sensual journey of the heart and soul...  A captivating walk on the path of self discovery found in the wake of love, loss and betrayal...  Filled with subtle eroticism and raw passion with each turn of the page the reader finds themselves gloriously lured into it's provocative depths...  Visually stimulating, seductively enticing, and emotionally driven. Dark Linings is a must read! - Lynn Long. Bravo Joanne Olivieri.

perfection yet seen by Joanne Olivieri

perfection yet seeninsignificant am Imy beauty astounds
Photo and haiku by Joanne Olivieri.