Today's Flowers Photos and Poetry

If I were a leaf
clinging to your branches
I would embrace your twigs
caress your trunk
and bury myself in your roots
never to let go.

If I were a flower bud
waking to bloom
and debut my heart
I would call the birds
and reveal my sweet nectar.

If I were soft petals
displaying my finery
around your heart
I would kiss your stems
with scented dew drops.

All photos taken at the San Francisco Botanical Garden.

I am participating in Today's Flowers

And Floral Friday Fotos

And Weekend Flowers


Birgitta said…
Wonderful flower photos! Love your poem also!
ruthinian said…
Pretty flowers indeed. I love the poem that goes with the photos too. Have a wonderful weekend.
Fabulous photos & poem. Beautiful!
Icy BC said…
Fabulous poems and beautiful flowers!
Karen said…
Beautiful post!
Self Sagacity said…
I love the first poem, so thoughtful.

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