Macro Monday Hollyhock and Aloe

Aloe Plant - Photos Taken At The San Francisco Botanical Gardens

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Writer Lady said…
I put up photos today too, but not of flowers. My flowers are a bit raggedy from the heat. Thanks for a smile today.
Gemma Wiseman said…
O what a glorious deep deep colour in that second photo! Abnd both are beautiful macros!
Icy BC said…
Your header is spectacular, Jo! And your macro shots are fantastic. That color of hollyhock is awesome!
Writer Lady, I liked your post for the day and your blog. Thank you.

Gemma, Thanks so much, I'll be over to visit soon.

Icy, Thank you. This is the first time in years I've been able to get a macro of the hollyhock that wasn't blurred.
em said…
Such pretty photos! I love that hollyhock!
Karen said…
Terrific macros! That hollyhock is a gorgeous colour.
Ann said…
Wonderful macro shots. Sorry I haven't been commenting much. I'm so far behind with everyone. Maybe now that the craft show is over with I can get caught up
LauraX said…
beautiful perspective on the aloe and the detail on the hollyhock is magnificent.
Kala said…
Lovely DoF in that image of the aloe. Happy MM.

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