Sleep Travel

My dreams
carry me away
to a land foreign
yet as familiar
as home

flying through
ancient temples
market streets
lush green
and mystical mountains.

I awaken
with tears of joy
and sorrow
for I am not there

until I return
my dreams
will embrace
the far off land
within my heart.


klivengood said…
WOW...You are a great poetic Madam...i can relate the latest post...anyway thanks for your comment to my blog..hope to see you again and i will visit your great blog too. have a nice day
jakill said…
I do love your poems. So simple and so eloquent. A refreshing change from scratching my head to get meaning from obscure verses, though those have their place, too.
kliengood - Thanks for the kind words and I will visit again soon as well.

jakill - Thanks so much.
bessye said…
I'm very impressed with you. In more ways than one. What better way to your creativity, than through travel. Especially through the realm of sleep.

bessye - I'm sometimes more active in my sleep than while awake :)

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