Orchids from Sloat Garden Center

The staff at Sloat Garden Center in San Francisco were kind enough to allow me to take photos in their nursery. The orchids were wild, exotic and gorgeous so I thought I'd share a few shots with you. Enjoy!


Kass said…
Yes, they are like wild animals.
Are those butterflies?
Mumsy said…
Love, love, love the photos of these orchids. Beautiful colors too, Jo!
rainfield61 said…
The last orchid laughed all the way while you were taking her photo.
Bangchik said…
The design and color is so delicate, rich, dense and exotic! ~bangchik
Dave said…
you've said it - wild, exotic and gorgeous!
RNSANE said…
Such a nice variety, Jo. I'm glad you couldn't resist taking the photos. I'm going to do that at Costco next time I'm in there.

They are just beautiful.
jakill said…
Gosh Jo. Your photos are just amazing. We saw orchids like these in Madeira. There are a couple of orchid houses in Funchal and we visited one of them high on one of the hills overlooking the port.
How elegant they are!! =)
marvelous pix
Ann said…
Those are pretty. How nice of them to let you share them with us. That last one is very intersting
RoseBelle said…
Goodness! There are so many orchid varieties! They are truly beautiful flowers.
Kass, yes, beautiful and wild

RS, they look like it huh :) Beautiful orchids

Mumsy, thank you, I loved the different variations

Thank you, Chuck. I might actually go buy one today.

Rainfield, LOL, she did huh?

Bang, very well said, thanks.

Dave, that's what I saw and loved all of them, thank you.

Carmen, That's a great idea. I tried doing it at the Safeway florist but the security guard kept giving me the eye so I left :)

Jean, how wonderful that must have been. I grew up with orchids so not only do I love them but they bring me some wonderful memories.

Priyanka, thank you so much.

Ann, I'm always weary of taking shots in stores etc... but they were very gracious.

Rosebelle, There really are many species, thanks for stopping by.
eileeninmd said…
Gorgeous orchids and macro shots! Well done!
eileen, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Have a great weekend.
*MrsMartinez* said…
Orchids are so delicate! so lovely! so precious! Glad you featured some in your post, it made my day!

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