Watery Wednesday - Japanese Rock Pond

A macro shot of a rock waterfall at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.

Video of the Japanese rock pond waterfall at the SF Botanical Gardens

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Tes said…
Beautiful and relaxing, Jo! :)
RNSANE said…
Oh, the video is very nice and soothing...I wish I could let it run until I fall asleep!
What a fantastic share!!!

My Wednesday post -Tall Sail Ships Arriving. Lots of photos! Hope you can come take the tour with me!
Ann said…
Very nice and how relaxing to sit and listen to the sound of the water.
Beautiful reflections in the water in your video - some of the rocks look like golden nuggets.
Luna Miranda said…
wow!it looks like blown glass. excellent photo.
lina said…
I love waterfall. :)

THe first photo look something out of this world. ;)
Secondary Roads said…
Such beauty and such peace.
jakill said…
Hi Jo. This is a different WW, I might give it a go myself. Thanks for posting the video. I do find the sounds of water so relaxing.
rainfield61 said…
According to Chinese, water means money.
It's such a pretty waterfall. I love the soothing sound of the water. It's looks so relaxing there.
Tes, thank you

Carmen, I do too, what a peaceful way to fall asleep.

Hootin Anni, thank you and I will hop over for a visit

Ann, Isn't it though, it just sort of washes all the troubles away.

Rosie, I wish they were golden nuggets, I'd be rich now :D

Luna, you are right, it does, thanks for stopping by

lina, I do too thanks so much

Chuck, yes and thank you

Jean, yes you should try it, it's fun.

rainfield, really? wow, then I had alot of money that day :D

Catherine, it is so relaxing there, thank you.
CM said…
That was so cool! Here I am on my lunch break, and I get to see such a serene waterfall video! Thank you for sharing that!
CM said…
OH, BTW, I'm following on Twitter @CM_alittlelilac :-)
That little bubbler would bring serenit for sure.
fullet said…
Wow, what a photo, Joanne, that's what I call a watery wednesday. I want to put my feet in that pond.
Judy said…
I love the light in the first shot!!!
Misalyn said…
Excellent photo and video. I love the sound of the water..so relaxing.
msdewberry said…
Great water shot, and I love your header too! It's beautiful!
This looks to be an idealic place to read a book or write. Very relaxing indeed.
AVCr8teur said…
Such a calming sound the water makes.
CM, thanks so much and I'm following you as well.

Gardening, It is so serene and peaceful

Josep, I know, I do too and one of these days I might just do that.

Judy, yeah the lighting was pretty cool. Thank you

Misalyn, It is so relaxing there that I could fall asleep sometimes.

Ms Dewberry, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting

Ancient, it is very inspiring :)

Karen, It really is so calming :)
Pooja Aggarwal said…
I like the video - the sound of water is pleasing to the ears
Self Sagacity said…
great shot, the macro is very well done.

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