New CD - Sanssouci by Sony Holland

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I would like to present the latest CD by Sony and Jerry Holland titled "Sanssouci." This new CD produced by the Holland's is an artistic and flavorful mix of musical genius. It holds a hauntingly beautiful array of songs hand chosen by the artists to express their own unique musical passions. It is intimate, smooth and alluring. It will invite and entice you into a whole new dimension. It is just that GOOD.

Please visit The Sony Holland Website for more detailed information including song samples, insights and much more.

Sony and Jerry Holland (dos Hollands)

The CD is currently available both in CD and mp3 formats at CD baby. Click link below for more info.

Thank you. If you are in the Bay Area we hope to see you at Cafe Divine on August 12th and 13th for Dos Holland's gig where you can also grab a copy or two of their new CD. More info on Cafe Divine on Sony's site at


Emm said…
Isn't CD Baby just the best site ever? I have discovered so many good bands through them.

Wow... I just listened to Sony Holland over at CD Baby - amazing! thank you for the recommendation!
Emm, I love CD Baby, you can find some great artists there. Glad you like her music and you are welcome.

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