Macro Monday

Oriental Trumpet Lily

Leucospermum Cordifolium - Veld Fire

Guernsey Lily - South Africa

Matilija Poppy - California

Japanese Iris

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Ruth said…
Wow! Amazing macro shots! You're good in macro work. Fantastic flower shots!
Ann said…
Beautiful. The first looks so velvety soft and the second so feathery soft. I just want to reach out and touch them :)
Ruth, thanks so much I really enjoy it.

Ann, :) Thank you.
Kala said…
Excellent details in these macro images. I especially like the Veld Fire.
SquirrelQueen said…
I love the second one, Veld Fire. I hope everyone enlarges it to get the full effect.
Nancy E said…
Japanese iris is my favorite - love the color --- nice work on all! :)

Nat said…
Very pretty flowers. my fav is #2.
RNSANE said…
The second one reminds me of curls of ribbon...and I've always loved irises - matched with yellow roses ( if anyone ever asks what kind of flowers to send me, tell them that, please, Jo! ). It's funny, I've come to recognize that Matilija Poppy.
LD said…
wow really enjoyed that floral journey - Orange hues are almost edible and the iris is my favorite flower so of course loved that..
What great macro pictures! I can never get such clear pictures when I try those close ups macros. It's amazing the detail you can see in the flowers.
ruthi said…
Great macro shots... great details too. love that veld fire.
Kala, thanks, the veld fire is so exciting to see in person.

Squirrel, yeah it is unique.

Nancy, The Japanese iris is gorgeous. Thanks.

Nat, that is a popular one today, thank you.

Carmen, I know you love those yellow Roses. At Divine on the 12 and 13th you should steal a couple from Jim when he brings them for Sony :)

LD, Irises are quickly becoming a favorite of mine. They are just so lush and beautiful. Thanks.

Catherine, You get amazing shots. I am always in awe of your photos.

ruthi, Thanks, you should see that one in person, it's gorgeous.
lisaschaos said…
Lovely, all of them! Do I see a bug in the poppy?

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