The Reality of Difference - Guest Post by Leonardo Minjarez

there are not many people out there
who will understand the reality of difference
the oneness of being alone
and the loneliness of isolation
the dream desires wish the kiss of the world
laid upon my lips
placed with the ease of the sun rising
so effortless
such a flow like waves of nothing more
and to see something more than myself
every time i look in the mirror
the eyes staring back have lived millennia
having held every drop of Life
in flows of tears of blood
to drink upon my name
my words
my uplifting soul
with no expectations of receiving
such a beautiful gift
my selflessness for you
the love i offer up like a sacrificial idiot
dumb to the nature of the Beast
having spared my soul for the eyes of another
and yet through time
through my death and birth
each life i have ever lived
is filled with daily omens
reminders of JUST who i am
and what i am
and will never be another like
identical to this difference that is Me.

by Leonardo Minjarez


RNSANE said…
It's nice to have guest poets, Jo, and I really enjoyed Leonardo Minjarez's work.
Surreal and deep. It gave me something to ponder on.
Dani said…
i love these verses..
I really enjoyed it. I needed this. To remind me. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful. Something to think about...
betchai said…
i love the poem, the depth makes me really ponder.
Ann said…
Nice, yet at the moment probably just a little too deep for my tired brain to fully appreciate :)
Thank you all for your kind words and comments.
Kass said…
- the kind of poem you could study all semester. Very intriguing - so are the pictures.

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