Camera Critters - Grizzly and Friends

Both grizzly bear photos taken behind glass barriers. All photos taken at the San Francisco zoo.

Lion - taken behind glass barrier

One of my favorites - the wart hog - love this guy!

American Bald Eagle

Camera Critters

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fullet said…
I was thinking I liked the lion's hairdo, but then I saw the wart hog and I changed my mind, he's my favourite too :) These photos are so well taken, you're really good!
Josep, I agree. While I like the lion harido, it's too 80's. The wart hog is more stylish :D Thank you.
Rajesh said…
Wonderful shots.
JJ said…
The lion made me smile. His hair looks like mine if I use too much conditioner.
A bad hair day for sure. Great pics.
RNSANE said…
We do have a nice zoo. I, like fullet, was admiring the lion's hairdo. I wonder who his stylist is.
Nikki-ann said…
Animals you don't want to mess with! Great shots :)
Ann said…
Oh I want to go to the zoo. I love watching the animals. They are all great but the wart hog is my favorite.
The zoo is a favorite location for my kids. It's always amazing to be so close to the animals.
lina said…
The wart hog is my favourite too. Love the hair! :D
Rajech, thank you.

JJ, LOL! it looks like mine when I blow dry :D

Carmen, :D hilarious

NikkiAnn, you've got a point there. Though Mr Wart Hog looks pretty tame.

Adrienne, it is amazing. In fact in the Children's zoo you can get right up close and personal with sheep, pigs etc...That post is next week :)

lina :D Me too!!!
Ann, I know he is such a cutie :D
eileeninmd said…
Cool shots of the animals. My favorites are of the grizzly bears.
CherylK said…
Great photos! They're beautiful and they really do convey the message that you don't mess with grizzlys!

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