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Sharkbytes said…
Jo, I don't think I'll ever get tired of flower macros. They are all awesome. Glad you had a great time with Carmen.
These are just lovely!
BJ Roan said…
Each is gorgeous, but I like the pale pink one the best. It reminds me of a pink chiffon gown.
Diane AZ said…
These macros are beautiful and amazing. I especially like the texture on the first one.
Wow, what wonderful photographs. Totally awe inspiring and exceptional. You have shown your sensitivity to details that you literally blown open the souls of the flowers you photographed. Hats off to a master photographer. Thanks for the photos. God bless you always.
RNSANE said…
I think I might recognize some of these. I really like the ruffled red one with the pink center - it makes me think of Spanish dancing in Barcelona!
RoseBelle said…
I'm starting to learn about flowers and photography. The first flower picture is an unusual one. It's amazing how many variations there are in the world.
They are all good macros but for me. first one is awesome as I've never seen it before Would you know the name of it Joanne?
Anonymous said…
To be honest, there's much peace and calm that I find in your photography and as there are not many flowers growing over here, surely much needed. Please have a great Sunday.

daily athens
Autumn Belle said…
These pictures are awesone! The tiny flower in the first picture is captured so well on macro here. It speaks with innocent beauty.
eileeninmd said…
Lovely flowers! And your macro shots are wonderful.
AL said…
I kept on ooohing and aaahing while scrolling it down. What an amazing series of colorful flower macros! I love it!
Vernz said…
hi joanna, you got lovely capture here again... thanks for dropping by Anything Davao... Have a nice Sunday.
Ann said…
WOW, those are all really pretty but I must say that the first one and the petunia are marvelous shots.
Shark, thanks, I love flower macros to a point where I'm obsessed :) We had a great time as always.

Thank you so much, Adrienne.

BJ, it does now that you mention it. Thanks so much.

Mel, you are too sweet and thank you for your such kind comments :)

Carmen, it does huh? :)

Rosebelle, as am I and I also am blown away by so many different species, it's very exciting and fun to learn.

Rosie, thanks I don't know the name. I checked for signage while there but could not find any. I will keep checking back though.

Robert, that is high praise and I thank you so much for that. Efharisto!

Autumn, ah, well said and thank you so much.

eileen, thanks so much.

AL, :) thank you.

Vernz, thank you and you have a wonderful rest of the weekend as well.

Ann, Glad you like them, thank you.

Diane, thanks, I do too, it was just so exotic.
lina said…
The first photo look like something alien to me! LOL

Great shot!
chubskulit said…
The first one looks exotic
rainfield61 said…
I have decided to buy a Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens. Hope this will do wonder!!
bfarr said…
they are all gorgeous, but i am favoring the pinks today. thanks for sharing.
AVCr8teur said…
So lovely and vibrant that they all scream out "look at me". :D
Liz said…
Hi Jo! I've said it before and I'll say it again. Your macro shots are wonderful. You did a great job with these flowers.

Have a great week ahead.
Bossy Betty said…
You know how I feel about these kinds of shots! Love 'em!
Icy BC said…
They are all gorgeous macro shots, Jo, and you have found so many different flowers to show..
betchai said…
oh Jo, very beautiful. each shot is just lovely, the first one, is amazing! love love all of them.
SquirrelQueen said…
Lovely macro shots, the first one is very interesting and does have a bit of an alien look to it. I really like the pink of the Cosmos.
Love your macro shots Jo. These are perfect for framing. Do you sell your shots somewhere?
Kala said…
Beautiful macros with excellent colors and detail.
DK Miller said…
Beautiful! I love the details on the first one especially!
Lina, I know :) that's what everyone says.

Chub, thank you.

Tabib, much thanks.

rainfield, your photos now are fantastic so with a new macro lens, you will be the ultimate photographer :)

Karen, They're all divas :D

Liz, you are too sweet, thank you.

Bossy, I know ya do :)

Icy, thanks and even though I'm at the gardens all the time, I always find new things, it's amazing.

Betchai, glad you like them :)

Squirrel, thanks it just may be something alien :D

Ancient, No, I have been thinking about it but don't yet know which path to take on the photos. I do however have a book out on my photos and haiku called petals unfold. You can find the link at the top of my page. Thank you.

bfarr, thank you and yes the pinks are so delicate and pretty.

Thanks so much Kala.

Diane, Thanks so much :)
*MrsMartinez* said…
I like the 7th photo amongst all the photos here in this post. It's very simple. I wish I can have it here in my home
Michelle, I wish I could send you one :)
yoon see said…
Wow! These blooms are truly appealing.
Gorgeous and sweet!
1st, 4th, 6th and 8th shots are the ones that I love to have in my illustrations in the future:)

Thanks and happy weekends in advance:)

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