A Walk Around My Neighborhood

I am always fascinated by these pigeons who can perform a balancing act on phone lines especially when they sleep.

I found some interesting flowers in front yards today so I began snapping away.

I just love the colors and look of these flowers.

This hydrant is in a front yard along with some plants, rocks and gravel. I'm assuming a fireman lives here?

This was sitting in a driveway. I wish I could have picked it up and taken it home. If it wasn't so heavy, don't think I wouldn't do it :D

This is outside one of my favorite greasy spoon spots called the Bulls Head restaurant. It's in my neighborhood and I find the red bull's head kind of cute.


Icy BC said…
What a great walk you had, Jo! Interesting things, and beautiful flowers!
Secondary Roads said…
That was a very nice walk around your neighborhood. Thanks for inviting me along.
Madison said…
Brilliant. These photos, as usual, are beautiful.
Diane AZ said…
Love these, especially the big pot of flowers and the bull's head with blue sky in background, super!
Marilyn said…
Hi, thanks for coming by for a visit. I'd be joining you in getting that white pot with the purple pansies! ♥♫
RNSANE said…
What, no rusty cars or horse trailers? Oh, that's not your neighborhood but a bit further away. You're in the upscale part of town. Nice photos.

You could rent a dolly and move those purple flowers, Jo. I'll be looking for that white planter next time I pick you up!!!
EG Wow said…
Thanks. That was a fun walk about!
Ann said…
Nice walk through your neighborhood. I couldn't figure out what that last one was until you mentioned it. Now I can tell what it is though :)
You had a fantastic walk. Great payoff via the beautiful flowers and scenery. Those birds do have their balancing act together indeed.
Thank you everyone for taking the time to visit and offer your thoughts and comments :)
*MrsMartinez* said…
I am curious to find out if the fire hydrant is in working condition hehe

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