Paper Petal Poppy

paper petal poppy
on the California coast

From my Photography and Haiku book Petals Unfold


Icy BC said…
Stunning photo, Jo..and your haiku is just perfect for it!
Denise said…
Fantastic!!! A perfect California poppy sunbathing on the California Coast, which is where I will be in September (hopping on a plane to San Diego, our old stomping grounds - woo-hoo!!!!.
An English Girl Rambles
Ann said…
Beautiful flower and love the haiku. It does look like paper
maiaT said…
These yellow poppies are so beautiful, I could never find one here by us.
Your macro is amazing!
Pat's Addition said…
You're lucky to live in CA...real poppy country.
eileeninmd said…
Love the yellow poppies! So bright and beautiful!
Sharkbytes said…
That is one hot flower!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photo and verse!
Self Sagacity said…
Very pretty shade of orange. It's very vibrant.
Thanks, Icy.

Denise, thanks and awesome! You will have a great time I'm sure, enjoy!

Ann, thanks, yes the petals are just like paper.

maia, thank you so much :)

Pat's, oh, thanks, I know, I take it for granted sometimes but I am lucky.

Eileen, thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

Shark, it certainly is :)

Thanks so much, Dawn.

Self, yes, it is very vivid. Thanks :)
*MrsMartinez* said…
I love this shot especially now that I am into plants. I love the vibrant yelow orange color!
betchai said…
very beautiful Jo, and I love it, " sunbathes on the CA coast".
ruthi said…
indeed... the petals look like paper. love the color and the haiku too.
lina said…
perfect combination. :)

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