This Bud's For You


Mumsy said…
Gorgeous pictures, and fantastic shots! The lighting in your photos are also fantastic..
Dani said…
I can almost feel their softness.
Thank you.

Have a sweet day!
Secondary Roads said…
Nice shots (as always) and I love the title.
betchai said…
thanks Jo, so beautiful, all of them!
ruthi said…
great macro shots of the buds. i love them on this state as much as i love the full bloom.
great Pictures with a great Caption...It reminds me of a beer commercial:D
Denise said…
These are fabulous flower photos, gorgeous colors and a lovely variety of close-ups, so sharp and detailed. I've enjoyed my visit and I also want to thank you for yours. The flower you asked about - I think you meant the fifth photo down in my Today's Flowers post - is called Pickerelweed. I hope I have named the correct one for you. I am still learning my flowers.
An English Girl Rambles
Buds today, flowers tommorrow - lovely shots.
Ann said…
Beautiful buds and the best part of all is they are non alcoholic :)
What pretty pictures! I love the anticipation of seeing flower buds. Fuchsia buds always look like they are about to pop as they get close to opening.
RNSANE said…
You're so clever, Jo...and the pictures are amazing.
Ratty said…
Great stuff. I looked at the first one and thought oh I like that. Then I thought oh I like that one too when I saw the second. And then I kept thinking the same thing with each one. And the title is a good pun.
Thanks, Mumsy, It's always difficult getting the lighting right.

Dani, thanks so much and to you as well.

Chuck, What can I say, I love beer :D

Betchai, thanks for the kind words.

ruthi, I am the same. Sometimes I am more fascinated by the buds.


Denise, thanks so much for that information. I too, am still learning all these names but it is fun. Thanks for stopping by.

Rosie, Thank you :)

Ann, for me it's the worst part - no alcohol :D

Catherine, oh, I know and it's so beautiful to witness. Thanks so much for coming by.

Carmen, I know :D and Thank you.
Kass said…
Now these are buds I could get drunk on!
Ratty, glad you like them. I thought that title would get attention :D

Kass, LOL!!! Same here though right now I'd rather have the other :)
DoanLegacy said…
Your photos are absolutely stunning. Beautiful buds!
AVCr8teur said…
So many varieties. You job of photographing them all will be endless.
CM said…
I love stopping by here, it's so lovely!

My fav is the third one, the bluish/purple petals are beautiful.
Oh boy, so pretty...and what kind of camera do you use !!! I think that I should invest in a new camera.
MedaM said…
Thanks for sharing these lovely buds with us. These are wonderful collection of macro photos.
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your friendly comment. :-)
Sharkbytes said…
Just yummy, Jo. Sorry I haven't been by in a while.
*MrsMartinez* said…
I love the fourth picture with red and green color combination! I wonder what it's called?
Anonymous said…
So colorful! I love the title, too :)
Thank you all so much for your visits and kind words. I appreciate all of you so much.

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