The San Francisco Botanical Gardens Facebook Page

If you are a nature lover and enjoy all that is garden and horticulture related, please check out our San Francisco Botanical Garden Facebook page. We offer news, events, educational material and host contests on a regular basis where you can win prizes which are garden related and much more. It is an interactive group where we encourage you to participate, share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

This is the official San Francisco Botanical Garden Facebook page which I will be administering. So, if you are on Facebook, please check us out and like our page. Here again is the link


Ann said…
If I could remember to go to facebook I would but I can't tell you the last time I was even there. :)
Annie said…
Oh! I am all over this. I just clicked "Like". Thanks!
Ann, :D I'm there all the time.

Annie, thanks so much. We have some exciting stuff coming up including contests etc... I think you'll enjoy yourself.

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