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If you are anything like me, you don't like having to pay for advertising especially if you want to just advertise your blog or website.  I was doing a Google search the other day for free advertising for my eBay store, Collectibles Mercantile.  There were many free sites out there but this particular one caught my eye for many reasons.

It is called of which you can visit by clicking the above animated widget.  I liked it because it is run by an eBay store seller who like me wanted to be able to advertise for free.  The website was created for people to list their auctions and stores in addition to their blogs, websites, myspace pages, eHow pages etc...  all for free.  I like the look and style because you are able to upload a 125 x 125 ad and link it to your site, blog or store. I am always thrilled to find a new venue for free advertising.

My two questions this week are:

1.  Do you advertise your blogs, websites and stores on a regular basis?

2.  If so, do you pay for advertising or do you normally advertise for free?

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Kerri said…
This sounds like a great resource - thanks! I haven't crossed over into advertising yet, but that day may come. I have joined The Blog Farm and Networked Blogs on Facebook - you might like those. Best wishes - I love the colors and style of your blog!
♥~Judy~♥ said…
If you consider Face book at advertising, then yes I advertise. I belong to many networking sites but have nearly given up on all of them because of lack of time. You can not use these sites and post your links without clicking on other members links and leaving them comments too. As much as I love to visit other people, there are only so many hours a day and the job eats up most of them. Oh for a clone. . .
I do not advertise, so I'm not sure how much it costs. This was probably not helpful. Judy, great idea about using facebook!
Self Sagacity said…
I buy the clicks sometimes from CMF, but I think that is the extent of paid advertising. Although I don't actually paid for the ads, I obtain credit from clicking on others accounts.
I find that listing in the directories such as FB/ and Networked Blogs / Stumbled Upon is the best type of free advertisement for me right now.

What an awesome find for free advertising. It looks like the site is going to be successful with the ease of use. How can you beat free, right?
Icy BC said…
I barely use any paid advertising for my blogs, because of time restriction in my life.

This site looks like a great way to advertise, and best of all it's free.
SquirrelQueen said…
Unless you count FB, Twitter and such I don't do any advertising. Most of my new visitors and followers come from those who have seen me on other blogs or Google Photo links.

If I did advertise it would definitely be the free sites.
JamericanSpice said…
I don't advertise. I just visit other blogs and etc.
I usually thought you had to pay to advertise.

Very nice resource.

FishHawk said…
"Collectibles Mercantile" has been included in the second edition of this years Thinking of Christmas Gifts in July. I hope this helps to attract many new customers.
No I don't pay for advertising of my blogs. I have to keep it really simple and do the freebies for now. That's a great idea about your joining Thinking of Christmas in July. Good luck with your listings.

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