Watery Wednesday #145

Photos and video taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens

Click Photos To Enlarge.

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2sweetnsaxy said…
Ooh! Great shots. I love taking photos of the white egrets. They're so beautiful against the water. I'm so sorry you don't see Mr. Linky. It's there. Maybe I can add it for you.
Anonymous said…
beautiful shots. i really must go there, never been :(
RNSANE said…
Exceptional photography. How come we never see any egret babies? Does mama hide them away?
2sweetnsaxy, I know what you mean, it was such a treat to see them there. I finally saw the links I think it was my browser, as I've been having trouble with it.

ewok, absolutely you have to one of these days :)

Carmen, yes they are hidden away with the squirrels watching over them. See ya in a few :)
Ann said…
The egret is beautiful. It looks so graceful
rainfield61 said…
Wow, squirrels help taking care of egret babies!!
Kay L. Davies said…
Wonderful egret photos. The egret moves so fast in the video, it's impossible to see what it's eating. Wow!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
Karen said…
Oh my, fabulous shots!
betchai said…
oh, so beautiful shots of the egret, Jo
Andrea said…
The photos are nice and the birds are beautiful with the flowers around it!
Self Sagacity said…
I will have to take a trip to the botanical gardens one of these days. yeah-yeah, same line a hundred times over. :-)

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