Macro Monday - Garden of Colors

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betchai said…
oh gee, the colors and the angles you took them are spectacular Jo, bringing out the best of each one of them, beautiful pictures.
Ann said…
a gorgeous garden of color. cool shots
Kala said…
Fantastic details and colors in these macros.
Thanks so much Betchai and Ann :)
Teresa said…
Beautiful shots. I love your creativity.
Wow. Beautiful macros enhanced by the lighting you captured.
sorry....I always like to add links for the ease of going directly to the specific link.
LauraX said…
fascinating macros, love them all!
Karen said…
Such lovely colours and textures!
Kala, thanks so much I got lucky with these shots that they didn't turn out blurry.

Teresa, that is very sweet, thank you. I like the unique.

Oakland, thanks it is always such a challenge with lighting.

Hootin, Anni, thanks for the comment but I never allow links because it is just blatant spam.

Thanks so much Laura, I'm hopping over to see you now.

Karen, Thanks so much for your kind words.
Bossy Betty said…
Love the perspectives and the colors!
Betty, glad you like em. Thanks for the cheesecake and flowers :)
Emm said…
Excellent photos! I honestly did not appreciate good macros shots until I tried them myself and failed, miserably.

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