Shadow Shot Sunday #159

All photos taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.

Click photos to enlarge. Thank you.

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Beautiful, shadowy walkways! Enchanting!
Ann said…
very nice shots. love the one with the bench. looks like a great place to rest and take it all in
Lynette Killam said…
Lovely shadows, Joanne! I posted a couple of shadowy bench shots myself recently. Enjoy the rest of the weekend...:)
betchai said…
beautiful walking path Jo, seems to be very relaxing to walk there.
jeannette said…
Shadows are cool(ing) when the sun is shining like it does in California!
RNSANE said…
I had tree shadows this week, too, taken at the Palace of Fine Arts when my Hawaii friend was here. It was so nice before the tourist season begins and it will all be so crowded. I imagine, too, it will get really busy at the Botanical Garden. Nice shots, Jo.
Joan said…
Beautiful! I will put this on my list. There are so many places to see when we go to SF! We take the ferry in once or twice a year. Boston and SF are my favorite cities to spend time in.

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