Thursday Two Questions #42

This photo is actually a flower that I tweaked into a puzzle form. It pretty much depicts my mind and brain right now. I've got so much going on that I did not even have time to think of something creative for the two ?'s meme. So, I will just ask all of you:

1. Are your mind and brain sometimes so much on overdrive that you cannot think straight?

2. If so, what do you do to remedy the problem?

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Ann said…
Q1 yes as a matter of fact they are in overdrive right at this very moment.

Q2 I haven't been able to remedy the problem as of yet but I'm open to suggestions :)
betchai said…
hmmm, mine is a case of being distracted sometimes, once i start to fool around or lazy around like entertaining distractions, it is hard for me to go re-focus.
Kerri said…
HELLO - definitely yes to #1! When that happens I try to laugh at myself and chill - go do a completely different activity or go to a different environment for just a few minutes - that usually does the trick. Also, closing my eyes and breathing slowly and deeply in and out really does work.
Dimple said…
1- definitely yes
2- I try to find quiet... Going for a walk with my camera often helps, if that's possible. And I pray, laying the jumble before God, asking Him to help.
♥~Judy~♥ said…
Yes, my mind looks just like that. :-) I take a moment with God looking at His handiwork and speaking to Him.

Your new header is awesome!!
Yes! Especially when I have so many things to do and things to think about. To shut down for the night, I take a warm shower and try not to have caffeine within 3 hours of going to bed. Exercising has helped a lot. Find music you love, and that makes it easier. :)
Q1: Yes. There's often too much going on for me to focus properly on one thing.

Q2: I make a list and work through everything one-by-one in my own time :-)
Bossy Betty said…
Very cool puzzle/picture.

Answer to #1: All the time

Answer to #2: Taking a long walk always helps me!
Self Sagacity said…
1) Yes, my mind is often in a tangled mess. I know when it happens because I don't have ideas or solutions for anything. This leads me to realize I can't live without solutions.
2) When this happens, I go through the list of things on mind. I write them down - most times I have to, to get it off my mind so that I can focus. Then I go back to each issue and figure out their prioritization. It is my only way to settle things.
Luna Miranda said…
a big yes to your Q1.

i usually sleep it off. or i distract myself by watching a movie or go for a run...exercise clears my head.
Icy BC said…
Oh yes, this past week my mind was all cramped up with so many things going on right now, and then at night, I can't even sleep.

I find going out to nature and start taking pictures really help me calmed down.
SquirrelQueen said…
That photo is a good example of how my brain looked after this past weekend. I seem to bite off more than I can chew a lot lately, it does take it's toll eventually.

Usually a walk at the park with a visit to the aviary will relax me. This week a good session of yard work did the trick.
JamericanSpice said…
My kids can sometimes put my mind on overdrive along with everything else to do. I usually ask them to be quiet for a few minutes and I re-arrange my thoughts so that I settle down and prioritize before going into panic/hysteria.

Or I just go to the bathroom.

And other times I just turn the music on. If I'm singing I'm not overthinking. :)
DoanLegacy said…
I found meditation music help very much to relax my mind and body.

My brain is in overdrive right at the moment..and I feel like your fantastic puzzle.

Have a great weekend!
1) Lately I try not to do too much at once. One thing at a time and leave room for recovery. :-)
2) I have to "accept" that I can't do everything and too much, otherwise my health will suffer.

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