Sundays In My City - SW Coffee Station Grand Opening

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It was a cold, dreary and foggy day out in the sunset/parkside neighborhood in
San Francisco, where I live. A new coffee house business right across the street
from me has been preparing for weeks for their Grand Opening which took place today.

The excitement of the lion dancers and firecrackers right along with the complimentary wine
being served made this dreary day come alive.

The lion dance was performed by the San Francisco Police Department Lion Dance Team.
The video at the end of this post is a little long but very exciting to watch with a firecracker finale that had yours truly calling it a day.


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rainfield61 said…
I like the first photo.

It occupies my view, and I can feel the beat.
RNSANE said…
Hey, Jo, complimentary wine? How come you didn't call me to come over?
Anonymous said…
Now that is the way to open a business, it looks like heaps of fun.
Very beautiful and unique photos!
Only in San Francisco (my former hometown, which I love) would they have such an event for a coffee station opening. I love the pictures, especially the close-ups of the dancers.
Thanks for sharing.
Ann said…
Wow that is some grand opening celebration. The lions tail moving back and forth made me think of Duke's wagging tail :)
Keetha Broyles said…
Very interesting!!! We "ain't" got none o dat 'round here!
sheila said…
Oh how fun and colorful!!!!!!!!!!
Really, really beautiful
Sonya said…
Excellent shots! love the vibrant colors
rainfiled, yes he is looking right atcha :D

Carmen, I couldn't because I was juggling the camera in one hand and the wine in the other :D

myrelish, I agree and they open all business around here like that. It's fun.

DysFUNctional, thank you so much.

Robyn, Yeah as you know SF celebrates everything and we wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you.

Ann, LOL! How cute. You'll have to get a video of Dukes wagging tail one of these days :)

Keetha, Thanks for the visit. We celebrate everything around here :)

Sheila, It so was fun. Thanks.

La Princi, Thank you.

Sonya, Thanks so much.
Lolia S said…
It's an interesting spot for a coffeehouse...also kinda odd that they gave out wine rather than coffee...but I wish them luck.

Hey S, I agree. I wish them luck as well though I think there is way too much competition for what they are offering but we'll see. I'll check it out in depth this week.
Joanna Jenkins said…
How fun is that! I've seen the lion dancers before and it's always such a treat to see the colors and movement. It's so exciting.

Happy SIMC, jj
Ratty said…
That looks fun. It makes me wish there were more events like this near where I live. Maybe I should walk through town more often.
Jean said…
Wow that was one cool opening! I love the costumes and the free wine.:)
Joanne, it really is. Seeing them always takes me back to memories of Hong Kong.

Ratty, :D yeah, you just might stumble on a lion dancer :D

Jean, Yeah the free wine was definitely a treat :)
I love seeing their performance!
eileeninmd said…
What a neat celebration for the grand opening. Wonderful photos. Happy MYM!
Icy BC said…
That's a wonderful way for a grand opening. We don't have anything like this here. Wonderful photos, and the video is a delight to watch.
lina, thank you it was fun :)

eileen, thanks so much Happy MYM to you as well.

Icy, There are many of these in my neighborhood so it's always a treat for me :) Thank you my friend.
Genie said…
This is quite the grand opening for a coffee shop. Looks like a great time was had by all....especially with the free vino. Lots of excitement for all to enjoy. Your first shot is an awesome one. What a fun and interesting post this week. Genie
Unknown Mami said…
How fun! I love this city.
Genie, Thanks. Yes the vino was icing on the cake :)

Mami, Don't you though, there's always something going on somewhere. I love it too.
That's quite an opening! So great you were there to see it :)
Wow - a spectacular grand opening!
betchai said…
i never saw a lion dance here as well in SD, maybe I always miss them :( lively videos and great shots Jo
Looks like fun. I like your new header, the colors are fantastic.

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