Thursday Two Questions Meme - Photography

With camera in hand, I am always looking for beautiful subjects to post on this blog and bring to you. I enjoy walking the different neighborhoods and photographing people's front yards and decorations. I am however a bit apprehensive in getting too close. I sometimes feel as if I am invading their privacy by conducting a photo shoot. My two questions are:

1. Do you often photograph neighbors flowers, homes and yards?

2. If so, do you feel as if you are invading their privacy?

Thursday Two Questions
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RNSANE said…
I have been out and about with you on some photographic journeys and we do get pretty up close and personal. So far, though, no one has come out with a shotgun!!
LOL! And if they did, look at all the media attention we could get to our blogs :-D
Margaret Duarte said…
1. The only time I photograph people's yards is when I'm visiting a foreign country or a particularly beautiful town. I photographed some beautiful yards in a town called Sassenheim in Holland. Awesome flowers and landscaping.
2. Yes, I felt I was invading the owners' privacy, but then again, I'm sure they were complimented by my admiration of their handiwork.
Self Sagacity said…
Your flower is beautiful. I miss the flowers so much in this rainy weather. There is very signs of spring in my yard.
1) I don't, I think many people in my neighborhood already get paranoid when they see a camera in my hands. Let alone aiming at their property.
2) Yes. I do feel that I invade their privacy if I took the photos of their property and post it on the internet. Maybe not so much the flowers and plants.
Cathy Kennedy said…
The only time I photograph anyone's home or landscape is when we take the Dogwood Trail tours each spring. In this case, no I don't feel like I'm invading their privacy because these people fuss over their yards so this would be a tremendous compliment for them.
Bossy Betty said…
That flower is wonderful.

I take a lot of pictures around my neighborhood. I don't venture too far into people's yards, but sometimes I am tempted!
Ann said…
I wouldn't say often but yes I do take pictures of neighbors yards, flowers, not so much their houses though. I usually only take them when no one is around. Most likely because in a way I do feel like it's invading their privacy but also because I don't know how people will react to it.
-☼-Icy BC said…
1) I take pictures almost anywhere that I happen to cross path with.

2) Yes, I feel as if I'm invading their privacy when it comes to private homes..
Luna Miranda said…
1) i take photos in public places, not in my neighborhood. well, except my landlord's yard--i took some photos of flowers there.

2) yes, i feel as if i'm invading their privacy when i get too close. i need a fancier lens.:p
Hope said…
1. I do take a lot of pictures of pretty things, regardless of where they are but we only have 1 neighbor that ever has anything work taking a picture of typically lol

2. As long as I'm not zooming into their windows or posting their/my address with it, I think I'm good.
JamericanSpice said…
I actually photographed the neighbors automatic grass mower awhile ago but I did it from afar. I was quite taken with the thing as I've never seen anything like it before. But yes I'd feel as if I was invading.
DoanLegacy said…
1) I think it's fun to just snap pictures that's interesting or caught the eyes..

2) It's kinda of invading when it comes to private areas so I aim for public places.

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