Collectors Plate Sale - Old Man Winter by Norman Rockwell

For all of you art lovers out there, collectors plates are an inexpensive alternative to original paintings. Some of the most beloved artists of our time including, Norman Rockwell, Edna Hibel, Lena Liu, Thomas Kinkade and many more have allowed their work to be fired onto limited edition plates so that we all have the opportunity to enjoy their works.

The above plate was inspired by an original painting by the most beloved storyteller and artist ever, Norman Rockwell. The plate is titled Old Man Winter. Rockwell's uncanny ability to capture personality and expression to this day is really unmatched by any other artist.

I am pleased to announce that we are currently having a plate sale which includes Old Man Winter amongst many other artists and collectible works. We will also be listing many more Rockwell limited edition plates in the coming weeks, to include the Toy Maker, Grandpa's Gift and many more. For now, visit our Collectors Plate Sale Listings for some great savings.


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