Sundays In My City - Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Unknown Mami

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RNSANE said…
You must have taken these last weekend. It was so cold, I'm surprised people were out!!! Kids, though, don't seem to notice the cold. We even saw folks surfing as we drove down the coast but, for the most part, the beaches were deserted. Great photos. I especially like the first one!
It was actually warm at the beach and packed like a sardine can with people. They were having a chowder cook off along the boardwalk. It was a blast. I can't wait to get out there again, this time during the week with less crowds.
Ann said…
Now that looks like a fun place. Makes me long for summer time.
Ann, it's a blast out there, especially during the Summer when they host outdoor concerts. When I was young, we spent every Summer out there so it was quite a treat to get back there this past weekend.
Joanna Jenkins said…
Fabulous pictures with such happy colors. A day at the beach with rides is always a blast. Thanks for sharing them.
Happy SIMC, jj
Josep said…
I love this, so colorful and full of life. The rides like the one on the fourth photo have always been my faves.
thatgirlblogs said…
I basically grew up on that boardwalk! We lived in San Jose and drove "over the hill" several times a week every summer. Thanks for the memories.
Joanne, I felt like a kid again :)

Josep, I used to go on all the rides, now I just watch.

thatgirlblogs, How lucky, I love it there and spent many a Summer there. Thank you.
Unknown Mami said…
Ah, I haven't been there in awhile. When my girls get a little bigger they will have a blast there.
Amy said…
Carnival photos are so much fun. :)

@Unknown Mami, it's so sweet to see you say girls now.
Anonymous said…
The colour in your photos this week are amazing. The boardwalk looks like a great place to visit.
Anonymous said…
As I look out my window we have a foot of snow so I especially enjoyed today's posts. Awesome Jo.

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