The Art Of Collecting


I think we all at one time or another have collected something.  It's been said that if you have two of anything from the same genre that you have a collection.

I began at an early age, first collecting rocks and bottle caps, I know, don't ask me then graduated to limited edition plates, figurines, dolls and music boxes.  I love art and decided that artwork created by some of my favorite artists were much more favorable to my wallet than oil paintings.  I loved my collections by Lena Liu, Gregory Perrilo and Sandra Kuck.  I marveled at the artistry of each piece and took pride in owning such beautiful art.

As I got older, however, I began to realize that I wanted a simpler lifestyle void of all collectibles other than a few special pieces.  Plus, I hate to dust.  I still collect music boxes because that is simply a passion I have yet to ignore.  Music boxes for me combines the best of both worlds, music and art.

This blog and the eBay store with the same name, Collectibles Mercantile are both simply a way for my Brother and I to shed our lifelong collections in a venue where we could make a little extra money and maybe provide a way for others to add to or begin their own collections.  Though we are shedding our collections, this blog and store are a labor of love for both of us.  We know the collectibles field and enjoy every aspect of the store, including the packing and shipping.  I personally love a challenge and there is nothing more challenging then getting a piece of glassware or ceramic out to a customer across the country or overseas and having it arrive in one piece.  We've been lucky so far.

I would love to hear your thoughts on collecting and if you do have a collection or collections let us know what you have and what you enjoy about collecting. 

When you have a chance, hop on over to our Collectibles Mercantile shop on eBay and check out our listings.  

Thank you.


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