Two For Tuesday - Metal and Glass

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Annie said…
Hi Joanne. What a lovely view and all the gentle and/or dramatic curves complimenting each other here.
RNSANE said…
Fabulous shot with the Golden Gate visible in the distance. How come we're not living in that house, Jo?
Annie, I just thought it was a beautiful scene. Thank you.

Carmen, this was along Camino Del Mar and the houses out there are full of security so I was lucky to get that close and get a shot of the bridge too. Yes, that is exactly where we need to be. Let's check out the rents :D
Ann said…
What a lovely scene that is.
Ann, I always like to see how the other half lives :)
betchai said…
very interesting lines Jo, and a very peaceful scenery. Hope all is well.
Lynette Killam said…
A lovely capture, Joanne, with its sweeps and swirls and Golden Gate in the background! I could settle in there nicely for a day or two...:)

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