Watery Wednesday - Hong Kong

Aberdeen Fishing Village Hong Kong Island 2005

Stanley Bay Hong Kong Island 2008

Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong 2008

Fountain @ Hong Kong Botanical Gardens in 2008

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Emm said…
Lovely photos! I do hope to visit Hong Kong one day!
Photo Cache said…
thanks for the tour. i always wanted to visit hk too.

Anonymous said…
thank you for this journey. great pictures of another world. thank you for sharing. please have a good wednesday.

daily athens
Vernz said…
HI there, wow another familiar scene.. love them all.. dropping by for Watery Wed here
Emm, you should. You would love it.

Photo C, You are welcome, you should visit HK in person one of these days :)

Robert, You are welcome and thank you.
Luna Miranda said…
beautiful images of HK. Victoria Harbor is my favorite spot in HK.
jeannette said…
We were half an hour away from Hong Kong on the mainland's side: Shenzhen, but decided not to go to HK because we would have to arrange for a one day visa -maybe next time!
Enjoyed all these water features round Hong Kong. The last one of the fountain is spectacular!
Cecilia Artista said…
Beautiful pictures!
I love the fountain!
Perfect in every way. So peaceful is the seaway and harbor.

My Wednesday blog is:
Black Night Heron
Your company is always a special treat.
chubskulit said…
Oh that is so pretty.

Come see my watery Wednesday, have a lovely day!
I haven't revisited HK for years. Might have a second visit soon.

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