Try To Remeber Music Box by Sandra Kuck for Ardleigh Elliott

Sandra Kuck is a star in the collectibles field.  Her prints, plates and music boxes have been favorites for decades.  She paints in Victorian style with an artistic emphasis on family and love.  Her delicate interpretations of everyday life along with pastel colors and design make her works of art uniquely recognizable.

She has created art for many premier producers to include the Bradford Exchange for plates and Ardleigh Elliott for music boxes.  She handpicks her much sought after lithographs and matches the painting with music to create these porcelain musical masterpieces.

This particular music box, Try To Remember launches the Sandra Kuck's lovely memories of Victorian Mothers and children on fine porcelain and matches each with wistful nostalgic music.  It's a brilliant reminder that music boxes can be works of fine art.

You can find more fine tuned details, including a clip where you can hear the music on our eBay store listing at Try To Remember.


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