Camera Critters - Prairie Dogs at the San Francisco Zoo

Camera Critters

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Anonymous said…
Such delightful shots of these cute critters.
Shelley Munro said…
These guys are so cute. We don't have anything like this in New Zealand.
RNSANE said…
They remind me of the guys down at Carmel. Sweet little fellows.

Mine is at:
Anonymous said…
Funny small things, nature is wonderful.
Jean said…
Oh how adorable! These are critters I would love to see in person.
Sharkbytes (TM) said…
They are great- I'm a sucker for little furry things.
ladyfi, thank you, they are fun.

Shelley, they are cute and they blend in with the terrain.

Anki, :D

Jean, They really are different and cute.

Shark, so am I :D
Ann said…
well aren't they the cutest little guys. I need to take a trip to the zoo
chubskulit said…

My critters, have a great weekend!
eileeninmd said…
Great shots, they are cute critters.
kulasa said…
so cute! i just love looking at their photos:)

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