Thursday Two Questions Meme

Photos taken at Lloyd Lake in Golden Gate Park

Everybody needs beauty
as well as bread...
where nature may heal and
give strength to body and soul.

John Muir

I wholeheartedly believe in this quote by John Muir.  I have found that I need to get out in nature every single day.  Lloyd Lake which is depicted in the photos is one of my favorite places to escape.  It provides the tranquil setting I need to rejuvenate.  I think we all have that one special place that fuels our spirit.

My two questions this week are:

1. What or where is it that fuels your spirit?

2. Do you get out in nature on a regular basis?

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Kalantikan said…
Before answering your question, i wonder why i can't right click to copy the image meme, so i instead get the image from memeaholics. Thinking of going to Machu Picchu one day fuels my spirit, and yes i always go out in nature if not regularly, then when time allows. But i always do that!
Dominique Goh said…
Lovely pictures of the duck and lake.

My fuel are my kids and my passions in cooking/baking/photography.

We do go to the park on weekends if there is time and if it's not raining
Jim said…
Getting out of bed and having my coffee and granola bar fuels my bod and my spirit. My spirit is also fed when I read the Bible or listen of a sermon based upon a Bible passage. That is my boost from God.

Yes, I play golf once a week at least...
Icy BC said…
Your nature photos are always so good to see for me right now.

1) My favorite place to go is Bell Isle, but it's quite a drive there, and they don't always open.

2) I try to make the most of my outdoor around the house, since going anywhere in the winter is a pain!
Self Sagacity said…
I would love to. I know how you feel about getting out in nature. A couple of years ago, I had the itch, the need to be with nature. I had to really motivate SO to go with me into the woods, ---ah ha! that is your first answer--the woods makes me feel humble, small, fresh, revive - like reborn for those short moments. It also reminds me that there are so many possibilities. Look at me---I am small---look at all this around me---what, where, how do I choose to be, do, think?
second question is contradictory to the first...this year, all I want to do is stay inside the house, and clean, and update, and throw out stuff...and have no desire to be with nature.
Jean Knill said…
Since we got our dog, about 18 months ago, there hasn't been a day here that I haven't gone out with her and enjoyed the sea and harbour views or the peace of the heath and the woodlands. Natural beauty is always rejuvenating, so you are right, of course.

I am fueled by many things, the smile of a grandchild, the bloom of a flower, the rolling clouds, sunrises, sunsets, quotes, blog visits (like this one :-))....God is ever present and always loving.

I make it a point of enjoying nature daily when the weather is good; but there are always windows and photo archives!!

Colette S said…
Beautiful photo shots.

I wish I got out in nature more. All the more reasons I wanted to live in the country.

Music fuels my spirit.

Aloha :)

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