Thursday Two Questions Meme - Beyonce Lip Sync at the Inauguration

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As you all have heard, Beyonce sang the National Anthem during the inauguration. It was soon after reported that she lip synced during her performance.  Whether that is true or not, I do not know but to be very honest, I really don't care.  While I normally look at lip syncing as "cheating" there could have been a very good reason for her deciding to lip sync to a prerecorded version of the song

Beyonce is known for being a perfectionist and she certainly can sing.  It is possible that her voice for whatever reason that day was not perfect and rather than deliver a sub par performance for an important occasion like an inauguration, lip syncing was a better option.

I had a heated debate with a friend on this subject.  My friend thought it was not only cheating but unprofessional and just plain wrong to lip sync.  

So, my two questions for you this week are:

1. What are your views on lip syncing?

2. Was Beyonce wrong in lip syncing the National Anthem?

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Self Sagacity said…
A very touchy subject indeed. I can see your point of view, and if she was sick, it is probably for the best. However, I must say that it has lowered my expectation of her somewhat from now on. Kelly Clarkson can sing, and she can sing anything even with her hoarse voice...I respect singers that do not lip sync. I would think twice for singers who had to bounce around while singing, because their voice could be effected by the movements.
Self Sagacity said…
BTW- Hopefully we agree to disagree sometimes, and no hard feelings. She is definitely very successful, and what's more to say?
Amanda, there are so many differing opinions on this subject and that's why I chose to use it for your 2 ?'s meme. It's okay that we disagree, if we agreed all the time, blogging would get boring :)
ClickNCamera said…
For me it depends on the occasion...I don't blame her for that gig or the Super Bowl, but if I were to go to a concert and she lip sync, I'd want my money back! Enjoy your day!
betchai said…
i do not see lip syncing as unprofessional or cheating as long as it is really their voice, we are not always in our perfect health conditions and there could be many justifiable reasons to lip sync. For concert however, we pay for "live" singing, not lip syncing.
SquirrelQueen said…
I really don't care that much one way of the other. But when you consider some of the awful live versions of The National Anthem we have heard at ball games and such I would almost rather it be lip synced if it sounds better.
Jim said…
Nice post but not correct.

1. Lip syncing is fine if the audience knows or should know. Deceit is a terrible thing.

2. I do not believe Beyonce was lip syncing or ever has. She is a very nice decent Houston kid grown up. We all love her here and she can do no wrong.

She is getting double publicity from this and her fans all love and trust her and stand behind her all the more because of this.

I am glad she was honest in saying that there was a track playing. Most professionals use these when it is live and VERY public.

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