Penzo Zimbabwe African Safari Collector's Plate

When searching around the city for items to place in my shop I am always on the lookout for unique and creative pieces.  When I saw this plate it simply took my breath away.  It had all the elements of a true collector's item.  Of course I love animals and nature so that aspect was what initially drew me to this piece.

The company is highly recognized and revered for their colorful, bold and one of a kind art pieces.  The artisans that create these works of art are inspired by what they see and have experienced in their villages.  These are the eyes and the talented hands that see these powerful scenes each day.  As a result, no two pieces are alike.  These are one of a kind art masterpieces.

For information and details visit the listing at Jo's Collectibles Mercantile.


rainfield61 said…
You may not hunt for critters for your post. They are all in the plate.
Ann said…
that is a very bright and colorful plate
Wow! What a find! You may not want to part with it. :-)
Self Sagacity said…
It is certainly very detailed and a master piece.

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