Happy Birthday Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge at 75 years old.  I hope I look this great at that age :)
I snapped this shot a couple of months ago.
The bridge 75 years ago.  I borrowed this photo from the 415 Facebook page.

As an added treat I've included a short video clip that I created as a tribute to my friends Sony and Jerry Holland when they were here in San Francisco.  This short clip hosts "On A San Francisco High" which is  my favorite song about my hometown.  This song was written and composed by Jerry Holland and sung by Sony Holland.
Make sure to visit Sony's website at www.sonyholland.com

Click below for the video


Angela said…
It is almost like seeing it in person. Beautiful! Thank you:)
Ann said…
75 years and still standing strong. Happy Birthday Golden Gate Bridge
Ratty said…
I hope this bridge lasts at least another 75 years and keeps going strong.
betchai said…
happy birthday Golden Bridge, wishing you many more strong years for people to marvel in your engineering wisdom
Cher said…
i hope to pass by that bridge someday. :)
jakill said…
Great pic and video, Jo. I've given you an award over at my blog, but please don't feel obliged to accept and respond unless you really want to.
rainfield61 said…
Happy Birthday in anticipation.

You will be as great by that time.
Fantastic post. I like the history and the beauty.
Icy BC said…
Beautiful header, Jo!

Happy birthday, Golden Gate Bridge. You'll be forever famous!
RNSANE said…
Wow, this brought tears to my eyes here in faraway India...I always love the bridge, in all its moods...and the video of Sony and Jerry, singing "On a San Francisco High" - that was
absolutely superb...the song has now outdistanced even Tony Bennett, in my heart
( slightly ). What was so much fun is that I was present at so many of the venues where
those pictures were taken. My friends here in India ( some 30 of them ) have been, or
will be, the recipients of "Sanssouci" so they will get to experience her incredible
voice...and Jerry's song writing...for themselves.

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