Inspiration And The World Around Us

Photo taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens


Greet the day
Serene in essence
Clothed in light
Warmed in heart
Bound in spirit


Icy BC said…
Beautiful post, Jo, and it took me back to when I used to read these sort of inspiring posts from you on today's blog.
Thanks, Icy. I want to get back to doing that again and incorporate more diversity on this blog. I'm treating it as my website and a sort of catch all for everything. Have a great Monday :)
Ann said…
wonderful message. Focus is something that I seem to have a bit of a problem with lately
betchai said…
all beautiful Jo, the picture, the poem and the reminders.
Self Sagacity said…
"Immerse yourself in what you love to do. Focus on it as if there were nothing else around you. Become what you are doing."
I have the opportunity be creative and to design everyday at work, and let me tell you Jo, I don't feel hungry, from 7-3pm, time flew by and I don't even know that I have been there for eight hours. I guess I am very inspired everyday to create and do what I love.

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