Flower Parade

Photos taken at the San Francisco zoo
Red Passiflora (Passion Flower)

Red Rose

Of the succulent family.  Cannot remember the name.

I am participating in Ruby Tuesday Too


Felisol said…
You've got an amazing eye for flower power and macro cosmos. Love all of them.
Ralph said…
In the sea of green that a garden excels in, the addition of ruby red flowers not only breaks up the green hue, t he red also calls us to take a look at the flowers a bit more closely...these are stunning captures!
Gemma Wiseman said…
A vibrant collection of different reds. Stunning macros.
Lola said…
Love them all, too - spectacular!

Blog too!
Thanks for your contribution to Ruby Tuesday Too!

Stained Glass Rubies

WOW! that first photo is wildly exotic with such vibrant colors!
Rajesh said…
Very pretty colorful flowers.
betchai said…
what a beautiful flower parade, treat to the eyes and heart
RNSANE said…
It's nice that the zoo has such showy flowers to go along with their beautiful animals.

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