Seal Rock

Photos taken at Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

In short, Seal Rock was home to the sea lions who have relocated to the docks at Pier 39.  Seal Rock now houses seagulls, pigeons, crows and your occasional daredevil human who likes to climb rocks :)

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betchai said…
beautiful Jo, just lovely to look at the ocean and adorned with rocks and wildlife. we have seal rock here too, and they still visit the rock once a while though most of them also relocated somewhere nearby more convenient for them probably to haul out.
Gemma Wiseman said…
Lovely views of this water world. We have a Seal Rock just off the coastline of my Mornington Peninsula in Westernport Bay.
Jim said…
That's such a scenic place. Well captured.
Glenda/MidSouth said…
Great pictures - Thanks for sharing them with us.
Ratty said…
Such beautiful scenery. Maybe the seals will return one day.
Jocee said…
Great pictures on a great looking day.
I've never seen a seal rock by myself. Nice to see one here :)
Great shot of an intriquing rock ~ great composition and texture ~ carol ^_^
RNSANE said…
Of course, though I can see the Arabian Sea from my bedroom window, these pictures really make me homesick. We have had some fun outings over here and I miss that Pacific Ocean. And Manfred, and my good poetic shutterbug friend!
Icy BC said…
The close-up photo shows such fantastic texture and details, Jo..
Sherry said…
What wonderful photos! You are certainly a talented photographer.
The photos are very pretty. Did you see any seals out there?
Kim Hkiss said…
From afar it does not look big but to see it close the rock is huge and yes it housed many beautiful creatures, awesome!

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