Visiting the Dahlia and Rose Garden in Golden Gate Park

Since I will be starting a new full time job this coming Monday at McLellen Botanicals Taisuco America  I decided to spend yesterday in Golden Gate Park visiting my favorite spots.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the rose garden and the dahlia gardens are still in full bloom.  It was gorgeous there.  Enjoy!

I am participating in Floral Friday Fotos


Self Sagacity said…
The first one is crazy beautiful. You know how much I love those fancy flowers. :-)
Birgitta said…
Wow! Such beautiful flowers!!!
Mary Kiss said…
I missed the Dahlia show here in my place. These flowers are so beautiful!

Mary, MI
Indrani said…
Wow! Beautiful!
The dahlia flower and the bud seems to be talking to each other.
Jesh St Germain said…
The Dahlia in your first pic is so symmetrical - very beautiful!
Delightful selection of photos of these beautiful flowers!

Jorunn with smile
Jama said…
Love that first photo best, so pretty.
kulasa said…

So gorgeous indeed! Those petals are beautifully colored and captured :)
Gunilla Bäck said…
Gorgeous! I love both dahlias and roses.
Your pictures are fabulous. The colors in both flowers are wonderful.l ...

We visited an Oregon garden last week, and the roses were a bit faded...but the dahlias really shone.

Congratulations on the new job. Sounds like a great place to work.

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