Theme Thursday Doors

These photos were taken in Hollywood, CA back in July 2013.
This particular photo is one of the doors to the TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.  Formerly known as Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

Door to the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

I am participating in THEME THURSDAY.


Ratty said…
That would be fun having places like these to visit.
alan1704 said…
Magnificent, love these.
Leovi said…
Yes, it seems very beautiful designs ... wonderful door!
Mrsupole said…
It is funny how I could just look at the picture and knew exactly what building those doors belonged to. I am not sure how many times I have seen them in my life but obviously it has been a lot. I guess when you grow up out here that you really don't pay much attention to things you have seen all of your life. I guess it is much like wanting to go to Disneyland in that you only think about going if someone comes to visit from out of town. Well that and having been there so many times that one loses interest. I think you took such beautiful pictures of those doors. I almost feel like I want to go visit them again sometime. Hollywood is such an interesting place to visit.

Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures of these doors with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. I hope you have a beautiful weekend and hope you find some more beautiful doors to take pictures of.

God bless.

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