Thursday Two Questions Meme #141

Photos taken at North Lake at the Chain of Lakes in Golden Gate Park

I was wandering around Golden Gate Park today searching for Sean Sidi who went missing in San Francisco on May 21st.  Long story short, he is a regular visitor to the Botanical Garden, a sweet, quiet and unassuming young guy who is recovering from a brain injury.  Because of his brain injury he is very fragile and we are all desperate to find him.  You can read more about him by clicking his name link in this paragraph or any one of the flyer photos posted on my blog.  

While searching around the chain of lakes, I came across this raccoon by the edge of the lake.  Now, although I love animals, raccoons are not my favorites, whatsoever.  I took a couple of quick shots of him then got out of that area in a hurry.

My two questions this week are:

1.  Have you ever come across some wild animals where you live?

2.  If so, how did you handle the situation?

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Strangely, last year I found a raccoon sitting on my back steps one day and closed my door quickly and ran back inside. What was worse was when I went out about 2 a.m. to pick up my oldest son from work and a skunk met me at my car. I was ever so careful. I was carrying my baby boy who is/was very hyper and trying to make sure he did not yell or move quickly.

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