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I normally do not post anything like this on Poetic Shutterbug but this particular case is personal.  Sean is a regular visitor to the Botanical Garden in San Francisco, where I work.  I have seen him many times at the garden, as it is one of his favorite spots in Golden Gate Park.  He is a friendly and sweet guy who because of his previous brain injury is very fragile.

I and some of my coworkers were shocked and extremely saddened to hear of his disappearance on May 21st, a month ago.  He was last known to be in the area of Golden Gate Park when he went missing.

Sean is 19 years old and has a traumatic brain injury which makes it imperative that he be found ASAP.  There have been searches conducted both in Golden Gate Park, the Ocean Beach area and personally within our garden (the botanical garden).

For all the details you can visit his website at

It has been a month and I cannot stress enough that he needs to be found.  There are flyers all over San Francisco and Marin County.  My personal thought is that he is probably still here in San Francisco but given the time element you never know, he could be anywhere.  I ask all of you who live in the area and even outside of the area to keep your eyes open and share this information with everyone.  Please tweet, facebook, Google + and anything else you use to get the word out.  You can use links to his website and Facebook page.

There will be a public vigil held this Sunday for Sean at the intersection of Haight and Stanyan streets in San Francisco which is the East entrance to Golden Gate Park.  You can find the details by clicking the link below.

Vigil this Sunday, June 23rd for Sean Sidi in Golden Gate Park.  Click here for information.

Thank you all so much.

Unknown Mami
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Icy BC said…
OMG..I pray that he will be found as soon as possible!

Tara R. said…
I am so sorry to read about your friend. I hope he is found soon, safe and well.
Nita Davis said…
Sending prayers up for his safe return and strength for the family during this scary time. I shared the Facebook vigil event on my Facebook even though I am in South Dakota, the more eyes watching the better.
Icy, thank you for the tweet

Tara, thank you for your kind words.

Nita, He could be anywhere at this point so thanks so much for sharing on your Facebook page.
Ratty said…
I hope they find him and he is alright. I certainly can identify with injuries like that.

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